Training alone just isn’t working for you anymore?
Or you just need some HIIT in your life? Come spice it up in The Dungeon.

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The Dungeon is a lot more than just a training space, it’s a community.

If you are looking for team training you will love and results you will love even more, then The Dungeon is the place to be. With over 20 HIIT (high intensity interval training) sessions running over 7 days a week, we eliminate your excuse of having “no time”.

In The Dungeon we know variety is key to keeping you motivated and achieving long term results. That’s why we bring you a new session every day, which are written by highly experienced and qualified HIIT specialists. Our team of amazing coaches are the absolute best in the business and make sure you are safe and working to your highest potential in every single session.

The Dungeon brings infectious music and an energetic atmosphere guaranteed to motivate you and keep you coming back for more.

The Dungeon is an exclusive add on for existing club members only. Please refer to the FAQ for more details.

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Our all inclusive Platinum Membership gives you access to Dungeon, Reformer Pilates, and Gym.

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Platinum Member 8 Week Challenge Starts 29th April 2022.

For 8 weeks, our Platinum fam compete for the ultimate prize – FREE TIME IN DUNGEON & REFORMER!! Don’t worry if you don’t win the first challenge… there are four held in a year. Plus, plenty of other prizes to be won. All you have to do is work your butt off and lose the most body fat whilst gaining the most muscle to win. Sounds easy, right?


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Is this class Beginner Friendly?

Yes! Because there are so many different weight and resistance options at each station, the Dungeon is great for all levels of fitness. Be ready for a fun high energy atmosphere and to burn a tonne of calories!

Does The Dungeon build muscle and/or burn fat?

The Dungeon is aimed at getting lean through different levels of intensity, allowing your body to both burn fat and calories. We have also found that over 80% of our Members also gain lean muscle while training in The Dungeon.

How many calories do you burn during a session?

Well, that depends on how hard you work, and it’s important to remember calorie burn is unique. If you give it your all, the short answer is: loads. One Dungeon has recorded 700 calories in a 45 minute session!!

It’s my first class ever! What do I do?

Make sure you turn up to class 10 minutes early so that you can speak to the Coach beforehand and they can take you through how the session will be run. Don’t worry, all the members in the class are always very helpful – you’ll feel very welcome.

Do I need to bring anything to class?

Please bring a towel, and a water bottle.

Do I need to book in for class?

Yes you are required to book for each Dungeon class you wish to attend. You can book in via our app, or via the website on the timetable page for The Dungeon. Bookings can be made 7 days in advance. Please make sure that you remove yourself from any booked classes you cannot attend with at least 2 hours notice, so that it can free up the spot for others on the waitlist and give them enough time to attend.

What if the class I want to book in for is full?

No problem! Put yourself on the waitlist as there is on average 2-4 people each class that cancel. If you are moved from the waitlist into a class, you will receive an email notification.

Cancellation / No Show Policy

We will be charging a $10.00 late cancellation fee which will apply only to those who do not remove themselves from their booking within the specified notice period.

· 12 hours’ notice for an AM class

· 6 hours’ notice for a PM class.

Failure to attend your class will result in a $10 “no show” fee.

Why do you have a Cancellation / No Show Policy?

We would prefer not to apply penalties at all; however experience tells us that without this policy 15% of booked participants do not attend their class, leaving spots empty that would otherwise be available for other members. The policy is to ensure that more members can access more classes, more often. This policy is consistent with other Reformer Pilates and Functional Team Training studios and is common within the industry.

How do I cancel a booking?

You can cancel your booking via the MyClub Fitness App under “My Bookings”. If for some reason you cannot access the App, please contact the club via 07 3713 3999 during staffed hours and we can cancel it for you. We do not accept cancellations via email.

How am I moved from the waitlist to a spot in a class?

You will receive a push notification (please ensure you allow in your phone settings) from the MyClub Fitness App advising you that a spot has opened in the class you are waitlisted for. All waitlisted members will receive this notification and the first to accept the booking will secure the spot.

What happens if I cannot attend a class on short notice for a reason out of my control. For example, I have woken up feeling ill?

Please cancel your booking so that another member can have the booking. While this is technically a no show or late cancellation, we will of course use discretion. We would not impose a penalty in the case of genuine illness or an emergency. Call on 07 3713 3999 the club as soon as you can to let us know we

are aware of the situation and can respond accordingly. Please do not wait until the penalty has been charged.

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